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    Our Political System Is in the Midst of a Massive Realignment. Here’s How the Left Should Respond.

    by  • 14 Mar ’16 • new york, socialism, the labor movement, the nation • 0 Comments

    America needs a New Democratic Party. No, I don’t mean a Democratic Party made new by a restored commitment to liberal idealism (although that would be useful, too). I mean an American version of Canada’s NDP: an explicitly socialist party that can win on a regional basis, credibly compete on a national basis and...

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    The Terrifying Prospect of Trump vs. Clinton

    by  • 13 Mar ’16 • new york, the nation • 2 Comments

    There is no prospective match-up for the November presidential election that is more terrifying than Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton. The violence and “Heil Hitler” salutes practiced by his supporters make any semantic debate about whether his politics can be defined as “fascist” kinda moot. Ask yourself why he even bothered to schedule a...

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    A Robo-Survey from Rep. Donovan

    by  • 9 Nov ’15 • staten island, the nation • 0 Comments

    I just received an official telephone survey call from my newly-minted Republican Congressman, Dan Donovan. The 20 or so questions ran the gamut from raising the debt ceiling to abortion rights to putting troops on the ground in Syria. I’ve been exposed to the sausage-making of enough surveys that I know the wording of...

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    Tuli’s Archives

    by  • 28 Jun ’15 • me, new york, rock and roll, society • 0 Comments

    Gothamist has a pretty incredible story about some newly discovered Bob Dylan lyrics, to a song-never-recorded about Robert Moses. It’s easy to assume that the lyrics sheet is a hoax. But, because, it was discovered in the Tuli Kupferberg files, I’m inclined to regard it as legit. Tuli was a true American character. He...

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    Bloomberg’s “Kiss of Death”

    by  • 7 Sep ’13 • health care, new york • 0 Comments

    Third-term disaster Michael Bloomberg is apparently so frustrated by every New Yorker’s determination to ignore him in the waning days of his administration that he took to the pages of New York magazine to weigh in on the current electoral race to be Not Bloomberg. Most of the digital ink being spread on this...

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    by  • 7 Feb ’12 • me, planet brooklyn, website • 0 Comments

    I flew back from New Orleans yesterday feeling a little under the weather. Ordinarily, it’s the sort of thing I would power through. But the prospect of also having to push my way through the teeming masses of Super Bowl celebrants (good game, that) just to get in the front door of my office...

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    NYAAF’s 10th Anniversary Celebration

    by  • 31 Dec ’11 • abortion, health care, me, new york, society, the nation • 0 Comments

    Since it seems my main venue of non-labor activism is charitable giving, I have signed on as a Co-Chair of the New York Abortion Access Fund‘s 10th Anniversary Celebration. This is a wonderful organization that directly addresses what may be the greatest threat to reproductive freedom today: the high cost of, and limited access...

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    Not Enough To Count

    by  • 3 Sep ’09 • planet brooklyn • 0 Comments

    I’m coming up on a year in Bay Ridge, which perhaps makes me a “regular.” It’s enough time, apparently, to make friends with the Chinese merchants on 4th Avenue, who seem to really want me to be Jewish. I suppose having Jews around is good business for dry cleaners and Chinese take-out. I made...

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