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    What Will It Take To Wake Up the ‘Sleeping Giant’ of the New Working Class?

    by  • 8 Jun ’16 • the labor movement, the media, the nation • 0 Comments

    The American working class has been dissed and dismissed. Our unions busted, our wages slashed, our homes foreclosed and our rents raised. We’re blamed for the rise of Trump, but otherwise do not exist in the media landscape. But the working class is a sleeping giant that is beginning to stir and will soon...

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    A New Low in Social Media

    by  • 20 May ’12 • the media • 0 Comments

    In my never-ending quest to figure what the hell is going on in the social media world and how we can use it to organize for a better world, I’ve been kicking around on Tumblr. I first discovered this thanks to my 17-year-old cousin, whose tumblr (I won’t link to it; you can’t make...

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    The Reds in the Bleachers

    by  • 27 Jan ’12 • obituaries, socialism, the media • 0 Comments

    Bill Mardo, sportswriter for the Daily Worker newspaper, died last week. His NY Times obituary notes his column’s crusading role in pressing for the racial integration of Major League Baseball in the 1940’s. “In the years before the Brooklyn Dodgers signed Jackie Robinson as the first black player in modern organized baseball, Mr. Mardo...

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    My Greatest Hits

    by  • 30 Oct ’10 • me, socialism, the media • 0 Comments

    Maybe it’s because I was recently badly quoted in the press that I’m revisiting some of my dark sarcastic hits from the past. I mean, I could claim that I was misquoted, but, no, I said it. I could quibble with context and editing, but anyone who deals with the press seriously knows the...

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    “Do you feel like a story…?”

    by  • 2 Oct ’09 • the media • 0 Comments

    If you can find the full, ten-minute clip on your favorite internet video-sharing service, David Letterman’s blackmail confession was brilliant, riveting and hysterical. It was almost a throwback to his nervy, early days on “Late Night.” If only the blackmailer had been revealed to be Andy Kaufman.

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    Late Night Labor Wars

    by  • 31 Dec ’07 • the labor movement, the media • 1 Comment

    Thank goodness for the Hollywood unions for providing a little basic trade union education for the American public. It’s been so rare to see aggressive, proactive union activity that most people clearly don’t understand how this stuff is supposed to work. The fact that most late-night talk show hosts are crossing picket lines to...

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    It’s the Hair, Not the Ho

    by  • 15 Apr ’07 • society, the media • 1 Comment

    Not to belabor the point, but Barbara Ehrenreich doesn’t get it. Writing in the Nation (online edition), she declares, “Of course it’s the ho, not the hair, part of Imus’s comment that hurts.” Actually, it is the hair that hurts. Once again, Barbara can’t see past her white, middle class nose to define an...

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    Pride of the Nappy-Headed Hoes

    by  • 11 Apr ’07 • school, society, the media • 0 Comments

    There was an enormous protest today on the traditional women’s college campus of Rutgers University over Don Imus. Imus, of course, disparaged the University’s second place NCAA women’s basketball team in crudely racist and demeaning terms about two weeks ago. The controversy, which has raged across the country and which threatens Imus’ career, started...

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    The Science of Blind Dating

    by  • 13 Mar ’07 • the media • 0 Comments

    I have a confession to make. I go on internet dates. And why not? It’s a perfectly reasonable way to meet people in this new century and have a reasonable expectation that you’ll at least have enough in common to sustain a dinner conversation. I’ve started a few good relationships this way. A few...

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