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    The Reds in the Bleachers

    by  • 27 Jan ’12 • obituaries, socialism, the media • 0 Comments

    Bill Mardo, sportswriter for the Daily Worker newspaper, died last week. His NY Times obituary notes his column’s crusading role in pressing for the racial integration of Major League Baseball in the 1940’s. “In the years before the Brooklyn Dodgers signed Jackie Robinson as the first black player in modern organized baseball, Mr. Mardo...

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    A Requiem for Departed Comrades

    by  • 12 Dec ’09 • obituaries, socialism • 1 Comment

    Socialism truly is a dying religion. Tonight, I’m lighting some red candles for some wonderful comrades who have passed on this year. Yesterday, I learned that Ruth Greenberg-Edelstein passed away on November 24th. Ruth was a stalwart of the Socialist Party in upstate New York. On the National Committee, she was an effective advocate...

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    Remembering Sophie Gerson

    by  • 14 Aug ’07 • obituaries, socialism • 0 Comments

    I learned today from a comrade that Sophie Gerson passed away on March 20, 2006 at the age of 96. Sophie was a lifelong Communist activist whose own work was overshadowed by her husband, Simon W. Gerson, the writer, champion of proportional democracy and shoulda been City Councilman from Brooklyn. At Si’s memorial a...

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    Jim Hurd, 1955-2006

    by  • 8 Jun ’06 • obituaries, socialism • 0 Comments

    It is a special peculiarity of our time that it is possible write an obituary for a friend that you have never met. I think I first heard about Jim Hurd, the Hoosier Socialist, from Jen Ray bitching about him (Hell, she bitched about everyone, so why not him?) ten years ago. Jim was...

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