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    Requiem for a Communist

    by  • 11 Jun ’05 • new york, obituaries, socialism • 2 Comments

    Yesterday was Si Gerson’s memorial at the Tamiment Institute. There were many wonderful stories, memories and tributes from friends, family and comrades. It was good to meet Si’s daughter, Deborah, who invited me to speak, and his two grand-daughters, Timi and Frieda. I was asked if I would post my comments on this website,...

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    Si Gerson

    by  • 25 May ’05 • new york, obituaries, socialism • 1 Comment

    Si Gerson, the last vital link to the Communist Party’s glory days in NYC politics in the 1930’s and 40’s, died last December at the age of 95. Si was a valued colleague and comrade, and I miss him. The CP will be hosting a memorial in Si’s honor on June 10th. Si was...

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    by  • 2 Apr ’05 • obituaries, the media • 0 Comments

    As the round-the-clock Pope Deathwatch coverage on the cable news channels shifted from Friday night to early Saturday morning, and the Pontiff stubbornly lived a little longer, I am a little surprised that CNN didn’t change their news banner from “Pope Nears Death” to “Pope: Not Dead Yet” or “Pope: Any Minute Now.” However,...

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    The Pope Is Dead

    by  • 31 Mar ’05 • obituaries • 0 Comments

    It has been an ignoble death, stretched out over these many months. From the endless teevee news diagrams of his feeding tube to that NY Press cover to all that Pope Watching at the hospital, it has not been a prime example of death with dignity. The Pope still breathes tonight, although he has...

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