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    What Will It Take To Wake Up the ‘Sleeping Giant’ of the New Working Class?

    by  • 8 Jun ’16 • the labor movement, the media, the nation • 0 Comments

    The American working class has been dissed and dismissed. Our unions busted, our wages slashed, our homes foreclosed and our rents raised. We’re blamed for the rise of Trump, but otherwise do not exist in the media landscape. But the working class is a sleeping giant that is beginning to stir and will soon...

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    Bernie Sanders Wasn’t Our First Socialist Mayor: Remembering Milwaukee’s Socialist Party History

    by  • 6 Apr ’16 • me, socialism, the nation • 2 Comments

    As the country’s politics take a right turn, an unlikely progressive wins office as mayor of a major U.S. city. In an era marked by conformity and the primacy of business interests over the common good, he has the temerity to call himself a socialist. Both locally and nationally, his example serves as a...

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    Our Political System Is in the Midst of a Massive Realignment. Here’s How the Left Should Respond.

    by  • 14 Mar ’16 • new york, socialism, the labor movement, the nation • 0 Comments

    America needs a New Democratic Party. No, I don’t mean a Democratic Party made new by a restored commitment to liberal idealism (although that would be useful, too). I mean an American version of Canada’s NDP: an explicitly socialist party that can win on a regional basis, credibly compete on a national basis and...

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    The Terrifying Prospect of Trump vs. Clinton

    by  • 13 Mar ’16 • new york, the nation • 2 Comments

    There is no prospective match-up for the November presidential election that is more terrifying than Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton. The violence and “Heil Hitler” salutes practiced by his supporters make any semantic debate about whether his politics can be defined as “fascist” kinda moot. Ask yourself why he even bothered to schedule a...

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    Friedrichs Is Dead; Labor’s Crisis Is Not. The ‘Scalia Dividend’ Is a Rare Opportunity for Unions.

    by  • 16 Feb ’16 • the labor movement, the nation • 0 Comments

    The Friedrichs vs. CTA Supreme Court case, a nakedly partisan assassination attempt on the labor movement, has died with Justice Antonin Scalia. What cannot die with it is the sense of existential crisis within the labor movement. We need a far-reaching conversation about the pathway back to increased activism, membership and power. Like few...

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    A Robo-Survey from Rep. Donovan

    by  • 9 Nov ’15 • staten island, the nation • 0 Comments

    I just received an official telephone survey call from my newly-minted Republican Congressman, Dan Donovan. The 20 or so questions ran the gamut from raising the debt ceiling to abortion rights to putting troops on the ground in Syria. I’ve been exposed to the sausage-making of enough surveys that I know the wording of...

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    Pirates of the New Economy

    by  • 11 Apr ’09 • society, the nation • 0 Comments

    Skylar Deleon should have waited five years. The former child actor (he was a bit player on “The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers,” not, alas, an actual Power Ranger) was sentenced to die by lethal injection for the murder of Thomas and Jackie Hawks. In November of 2004, Deleon responded to an advertisement that the...

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