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    Bernie Sanders Wasn’t Our First Socialist Mayor: Remembering Milwaukee’s Socialist Party History

    by  • 6 Apr ’16 • me, socialism, the nation • 2 Comments

    As the country’s politics take a right turn, an unlikely progressive wins office as mayor of a major U.S. city. In an era marked by conformity and the primacy of business interests over the common good, he has the temerity to call himself a socialist. Both locally and nationally, his example serves as a...

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    Why “Comrade?”

    by  • 18 Nov ’15 • me, socialism, society, the labor movement • 0 Comments

    A friend and, dare I say, comrade wrote me and asked why I use the word “comrade” so freely, instead of the more accepted “brother” and “sister.” Won’t people associate you with James Bond villains and bomb-throwing radicals when you use that word? And it’s true. I do throw it around a good deal,...

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    Tuli’s Archives

    by  • 28 Jun ’15 • me, new york, rock and roll, society • 0 Comments

    Gothamist has a pretty incredible story about some newly discovered Bob Dylan lyrics, to a song-never-recorded about Robert Moses. It’s easy to assume that the lyrics sheet is a hoax. But, because, it was discovered in the Tuli Kupferberg files, I’m inclined to regard it as legit. Tuli was a true American character. He...

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    by  • 7 Feb ’12 • me, planet brooklyn, website • 0 Comments

    I flew back from New Orleans yesterday feeling a little under the weather. Ordinarily, it’s the sort of thing I would power through. But the prospect of also having to push my way through the teeming masses of Super Bowl celebrants (good game, that) just to get in the front door of my office...

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    NYAAF’s 10th Anniversary Celebration

    by  • 31 Dec ’11 • abortion, health care, me, new york, society, the nation • 0 Comments

    Since it seems my main venue of non-labor activism is charitable giving, I have signed on as a Co-Chair of the New York Abortion Access Fund‘s 10th Anniversary Celebration. This is a wonderful organization that directly addresses what may be the greatest threat to reproductive freedom today: the high cost of, and limited access...

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    My Greatest Hits

    by  • 30 Oct ’10 • me, socialism, the media • 0 Comments

    Maybe it’s because I was recently badly quoted in the press that I’m revisiting some of my dark sarcastic hits from the past. I mean, I could claim that I was misquoted, but, no, I said it. I could quibble with context and editing, but anyone who deals with the press seriously knows the...

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    Recent Search Engine Terms That Drove Traffic to My Webpage

    by  • 13 Jan ’10 • me, website • 1 Comment

    Presented without commentary: big rats selective service letter allen sessoms gastonia strike,1929 “mary loritz” red strawberry shoelace licorice umass ula program red scare political cartoon shaun richman finska black licorice “federation of union representatives” old fashioned licorice laces not twirler cat abortificant “shaun richman” jew shaun richman aft national staff

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    Life in Brooklyn / I Like Birds

    by  • 20 Jun ’09 • me, planet brooklyn • 0 Comments

    I’m slowly getting accustomed to life in South Brooklyn. Bay Ridge might wind up being the perfect neighborhood for me, in all of its remote and eccentric charm. It’s very quiet and beautiful down here, with the stately Verrazano bridge towering over everything. My own view of the bridge is minimal. You have to...

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    A Real Hat

    by  • 28 Sep ’08 • me, planet brooklyn, society • 0 Comments

    After a morning that saw me put a bid in on a spacious two bedroom apartment with a formal dining room in Bay Ridge – $10,000 down with 75% financing and a very adult activity, if ever I engaged in one – I decided to go shopping for a new hat. I’ve been wearing...

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