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    by  • 7 Feb ’12 • me, planet brooklyn, website • 0 Comments

    I flew back from New Orleans yesterday feeling a little under the weather. Ordinarily, it’s the sort of thing I would power through. But the prospect of also having to push my way through the teeming masses of Super Bowl celebrants (good game, that) just to get in the front door of my office...

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    Recent Search Engine Terms That Drove Traffic to My Webpage

    by  • 13 Jan ’10 • me, website • 1 Comment

    Presented without commentary: big rats selective service letter allen sessoms gastonia strike,1929 “mary loritz” red strawberry shoelace licorice umass ula program red scare political cartoon shaun richman finska black licorice “federation of union representatives” old fashioned licorice laces not twirler cat abortificant “shaun richman” jew shaun richman aft national staff

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    The Great Blog Circle Jerk, part IV

    by  • 5 Dec ’07 • website • 0 Comments

    I’m pleased as punch to finally be able to acknowledge someone who has been instrumental in keeping me on the dubya dubya dubya dot org all these years. I’ve worked with Josh Handle (Handle is a “handle,” dig?) on a number of socialist websites (including Ypsl’s and others) over the years, most of which...

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    Comment Is Free

    by  • 28 Sep ’07 • website • 0 Comments

    I’m getting more comfortable with the Word Press software that powers this Blarg, so I’ve been stretching out and enjoying some of its features. First off, comment is now free. I’ve disabled the requirement that a reader must register before posting a comment, but I’ve increased the scrutiny of the spam filter. So, please,...

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    Year Three

    by  • 2 Feb ’07 • me, website • 3 Comments

    It is with no small amount of pride that I note today’s second anniversary of this Blarg. When I started writing, I kept it a secret because I was unsure how long I would keep at it, for there are few things sadder than a failed blogger. To a certain extent, I still keep...

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    We Are Improving to Serve You Better

    by  • 22 Dec ’06 • website • 0 Comments

    I’m in the process of switching the blarg from Blosxom software to WordPress, which might involve a radical overhaul of the ancient content on the dot org. To prepare, just in case, I’m posting some older writing on the blarg, so that it can be archived here, instead of as dusty old html. First...

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    No Comment

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    The website is undergoing some technical problems. The server, which I like to picture as a little old computer sitting in Don Doumakes‘ closet, needs some hardware and software upgrades and will be back to its sprightly self in a few weeks. When the website is here, the Blarg has not been. Excessive comment...

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    Year Two

    by  • 2 Feb ’06 • me, website • 0 Comments

    I posted my first blarg article one year ago, on February 2, 2005. This website has been a wonderful outlet, and I thank all of you who have joined as readers. The frequency of my postings has declined as of late. I’ve been a bit sidetracked by duck and the floozies, computer problems, an...

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    The Great Blog Circle Jerk, part III

    by  • 15 Nov ’05 • socialism, website • 0 Comments

    I have neglected to write about the Socialist Party’s National Convention, which I attended a month ago. There was much to be frustrated by, but also some reason to be optimistic. I’m not going analyze it too much. I’m just going to focus on publishing the best damn bi-monthly 16-page socialist magazine that I...

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    The Great Blog Circle Jerk, part II

    by  • 18 Oct ’05 • website • 0 Comments

    Richard Winger, the stalwart defender of independent and third party ballot access rights, and the man who has kept the Coalition for Free and Open Elections going, has put the Ballot Access News online as a blog. It is a tremendous resource for news and information about legal challenges to this country’s various draconian...

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    The Great Blog Circle Jerk

    by  • 10 Jul ’05 • website • 1 Comment

    I have updated my Links page to include some lefty blogs that I read. Tom-A-Thon.com is the website of my comrade in Staten Island, Tommy Miles. It’s all Tom, all the time, with lots of space for socialism and futbol. Former Socialist Party Chairman, and eternal anti-spam crusader, Don Doumakes writes Another Socialist Blog,...

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