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    Bloomberg’s “Kiss of Death”

    by  • 7 Sep ’13 • health care, new york • 0 Comments

    Third-term disaster Michael Bloomberg is apparently so frustrated by every New Yorker’s determination to ignore him in the waning days of his administration that he took to the pages of New York magazine to weigh in on the current electoral race to be Not Bloomberg. Most of the digital ink being spread on this...

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    NYAAF’s 10th Anniversary Celebration

    by  • 31 Dec ’11 • abortion, health care, me, new york, society, the nation • 0 Comments

    Since it seems my main venue of non-labor activism is charitable giving, I have signed on as a Co-Chair of the New York Abortion Access Fund‘s 10th Anniversary Celebration. This is a wonderful organization that directly addresses what may be the greatest threat to reproductive freedom today: the high cost of, and limited access...

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    Another Fake Ally for Health Care

    by  • 6 Nov ’07 • health care • 0 Comments

    Andy Stern continues to invite more strange fellows into his bed. The President of the Service Employees Union has drifted far astray from the rest of the labor movement and most sensible healthcare reformers by partnering with Wal-Mart, the Business Roundtable and other pro-business groups whose agenda is in direct opposition to ours. Their...

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    The High Cost of Health Care (For Cats)

    by  • 19 May ’07 • health care, me • 0 Comments

    The high cost of health care is a problem for more than just us monkeys. The price of veterinary services has skyrocketed faster than inflation, too. I had the opportunity to buy pet insurance through my union, but declined. Pet insurance is for little old ladies who order chemo-therapy for their hobbled, mangy 19-year-old...

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    More On Inequality Sickness

    by  • 28 Jan ’07 • health care, school • 0 Comments

    Following up on my previous post, in case I wasn’t clear (“Are you following me?”), here is a simple graph that argues much more clearly that inequality is making us sicker: This chart represents diabetes rates by income group (divided simply into thirds; the richest third of the population, the middle third and the...

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    Dr. Robin Hood

    by  • 13 Jan ’07 • health care, school, socialism • 0 Comments

    Dean Robinson’s “Health Politics and Inequality” class has taken some surprising turns. Jill Quadagno’s book, “One Nation, Uninsured” served as an efficient history of how we got the lousy system of health care that we have, so the questions of how and what kinds of alternatives we ca have were neatly dispensed with. Basically,...

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    Why No National Health Care?

    by  • 3 Dec ’06 • health care, school, the nation • 0 Comments

    The United States has the best health care that money can buy, provided one has the money to buy it. Jill Quadagno’s “One Nation Uninsured” answers the question “Why the U.S. has no national health insurance.” It’s a brisk, engaging read that neatly summarizes how 90 years of failed reform efforts have entrenched the...

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