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    by  • 7 Feb ’12 • me, planet brooklyn, website • 0 Comments

    I flew back from New Orleans yesterday feeling a little under the weather. Ordinarily, it’s the sort of thing I would power through. But the prospect of also having to push my way through the teeming masses of Super Bowl celebrants (good game, that) just to get in the front door of my office...

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    Not Enough To Count

    by  • 3 Sep ’09 • planet brooklyn • 0 Comments

    I’m coming up on a year in Bay Ridge, which perhaps makes me a “regular.” It’s enough time, apparently, to make friends with the Chinese merchants on 4th Avenue, who seem to really want me to be Jewish. I suppose having Jews around is good business for dry cleaners and Chinese take-out. I made...

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    Life in Brooklyn / I Like Birds

    by  • 20 Jun ’09 • me, planet brooklyn • 0 Comments

    I’m slowly getting accustomed to life in South Brooklyn. Bay Ridge might wind up being the perfect neighborhood for me, in all of its remote and eccentric charm. It’s very quiet and beautiful down here, with the stately Verrazano bridge towering over everything. My own view of the bridge is minimal. You have to...

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    A Real Hat

    by  • 28 Sep ’08 • me, planet brooklyn, society • 0 Comments

    After a morning that saw me put a bid in on a spacious two bedroom apartment with a formal dining room in Bay Ridge – $10,000 down with 75% financing and a very adult activity, if ever I engaged in one – I decided to go shopping for a new hat. I’ve been wearing...

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    Yo, Brooklyn!

    by  • 26 May ’05 • new york, planet brooklyn • 0 Comments

    I’m sure you’ve all been waiting patiently for my 2005 election cycle endorsements. The sad fact is there is not much to be excited about in the upcoming NYC elections. Freddy Ferrer has squandered much of his goodwill from the 2001 elections, and the Democratic contenders are likely to savage each other in the...

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