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    Making Abortion Rights Real

    by  • 27 Jun ’16 • abortion, the labor movement, the nation • 0 Comments

    The week began on a surprisingly strong note for reproductive justice advocates, as the US Supreme Court, by a 5–3 margin, overturned Texas’s draconian House Bill 2. The law, which Wendy Davis famously filibustered in her pink tennis shoes, purported to protect women’s health by requiring that health clinics providing abortion services “meet the...

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    NYAAF’s 10th Anniversary Celebration

    by  • 31 Dec ’11 • abortion, health care, me, new york, society, the nation • 0 Comments

    Since it seems my main venue of non-labor activism is charitable giving, I have signed on as a Co-Chair of the New York Abortion Access Fund‘s 10th Anniversary Celebration. This is a wonderful organization that directly addresses what may be the greatest threat to reproductive freedom today: the high cost of, and limited access...

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    Citizen Roe

    by  • 2 Oct ’05 • abortion, the media, the nation • 1 Comment

    In another lifetime, Norma McCorvey was the anonymous Jane Roe who allowed herself to be used by the pro-choice movement as the plaintiff in the case that established the constitutional right to privacy and abortion, Roe vs. Wade. In the intervening years, the radical right violated her right to privacy, tracked Ms. McCorvey down...

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