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    The Two-Tier Provision in the Chicago Teachers Union’s Tentative Agreement, Explained

    by  • 18 Oct ’16 • school, the labor movement • 0 Comments

    The tentative agreement that the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) struck with district management less than an hour before a midnight October 10 strike deadline has been hailed by many as a victory. Facing another round of concessionary demands, the union managed to extract $88 million from the mayor’s corporate slush fund to restore some...

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    The Other Chicago Teachers’ Strike

    by  • 7 Oct ’16 • school, the labor movement • 0 Comments

    As the countdown to the Chicago Teachers Union’s October 11 strike deadline approaches, another teachers’ union in Chicago has voted to authorize a strike as their own contract negotiations have dragged on over strikingly similar disagreements. The teachers and staff at the fifteen-campus UNO Charter School Network (UCSN) have spent seven months bargaining for...

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    The Fight to Save UMass Labor Center Is a Fight for Worker Power

    by  • 13 Sep ’16 • school, the labor movement • 0 Comments

    The Labor Center at the University of Massachusetts (UMass) at Amherst is in turmoil. Its director, Eve Weinbaum, says she was abruptly pushed out of the position. In an alarming e-mail to alumni, students and allies, she protested funding cuts to teaching assistants and part-time instructors and, more troublingly, threats to the “Labor Studies...

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    Charter School Board Conundrum

    by  • 22 Jan ’12 • school, society • 0 Comments

    A conundrum that charter schools face when recruiting prestigious one percenty-types (celebrities, politicians, stockbrokers and lawyers) to serve on their governing boards is that, yes, this may open the school up to more charitable giving. But, people with outrageous fortunes sometimes came to them through outrageous means. When a school board member is hoisted...

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    Good Write-Up in the Nerd Press

    by  • 4 Sep ’09 • school, the labor movement • 0 Comments

    I rarely write directly about work on this blarg, but some of this year’s big adventures got a nice write-up from Beryl Benderly at Science Magazine. Relevant excerpts follows: On 20 July, the postdocs at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, received official recognition for their new union. It’s the nation’s third postdoc...

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    Pride of the Nappy-Headed Hoes

    by  • 11 Apr ’07 • school, society, the media • 0 Comments

    There was an enormous protest today on the traditional women’s college campus of Rutgers University over Don Imus. Imus, of course, disparaged the University’s second place NCAA women’s basketball team in crudely racist and demeaning terms about two weeks ago. The controversy, which has raged across the country and which threatens Imus’ career, started...

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    Comrades in the Library

    by  • 19 Mar ’07 • school, socialism • 0 Comments

    The Times has an article on one of my favorite places in the world, the Tamiment Institute archives at NYU, which has recently acquired a huge chunk of the Communist Party USA’s files. The CP should really be applauded for its openness and willingness to view its past truly as history. I have seen...

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    Letter From Munich, 1953

    by  • 11 Mar ’07 • school • 0 Comments

    Munich, June 12, 1953 Dear Jay, It’s over a half a year now, since we stood on that ship to say goodby. You asked me to write and I promised to do so. To tell you the truth I hesitated because I did not want to be carried away with my feelings. I was...

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    The Two Barbaras

    by  • 2 Feb ’07 • school, the labor movement • 0 Comments

    What kind of readers find Barbara Ehrenreich’s recent books remotely edifying? How far up their own asses are these people? I have to admit that I’ve yet to read the book in which she passes for working poor, although I did read her earlier piece in Harper’s magazine that served as a teaser. The...

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    More On Inequality Sickness

    by  • 28 Jan ’07 • health care, school • 0 Comments

    Following up on my previous post, in case I wasn’t clear (“Are you following me?”), here is a simple graph that argues much more clearly that inequality is making us sicker: This chart represents diabetes rates by income group (divided simply into thirds; the richest third of the population, the middle third and the...

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    Dr. Robin Hood

    by  • 13 Jan ’07 • health care, school, socialism • 0 Comments

    Dean Robinson’s “Health Politics and Inequality” class has taken some surprising turns. Jill Quadagno’s book, “One Nation, Uninsured” served as an efficient history of how we got the lousy system of health care that we have, so the questions of how and what kinds of alternatives we ca have were neatly dispensed with. Basically,...

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