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    Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman

    by  • 27 Jun ’06 • the majesty of queens • 0 Comments

    Given my relentless campaign to promote “the Q” (that’s the totally rad nickname that all the hipsters will soon be calling my neighborhood, Kew Gardens), I was delighted to find that Hollywood produces blocked off much of the intersection of Austin St. and Lefferts Blvd. this past weekend to shoot scenes for Spiderman 3...

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    The Soul of Street Art

    by  • 27 Aug ’05 • new york, the majesty of queens • 0 Comments

    It’s hard to decide which side is more annoying in the recent furor over subway graffiti, art and New York’s bad old days. On the one side, you have Mark Echo, a former graffiti artist and current clothing designer and mini-mogul. Echo recently held a ‘graffiti party,’ in which a couple dozen artists tagged...

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    The Column That Never Was

    by  • 21 Aug ’05 • me, the majesty of queens, the media • 4 Comments

    The column that I was hired to write for a certain Queens weekly has been canceled before the first piece was even published. That piece, a critical look at the fall-out from Congressman Greg Meeks’ support for CAFTA, did not appear in this past Thursday’s issue, although an editorial lavishing praise on the Congressman...

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    We Should Be Working on the Rail Road, All the Live Long Day

    by  • 6 Aug ’05 • lawnguyland, new york, the majesty of queens • 0 Comments

    One of the more frustrating tendencies of narrow-minded NIMBYism is the knee-jerk opposition to railroad expansion in Queens and Long Island. Residents in Maspeth are already howling because Congressman Jerrold Nadler has secured 100 million federal dollars for the design of a rail-freight tunnel under the harbor, from Bayonne to Bay Ridge, a project...

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