• One Day Longer

    by  • 15 May ’16 • 0 Comments

    As the massive strike at Verizon enters its second month with no end in sight, the stakes — for the workers, the company, and the broader labor movement — are rising. Even mainstream media outlets like the New York Times have taken note, casting it as something of an epochal battle over whether the...

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    The Pre-Posthumous Recordings of The Artist

    by  • 21 Apr ’16 • 0 Comments

    I’ll be the millionth writer to note that 2016 has been absolute murder on legendary musicians so far. And now Prince is gone. I don’t have a full obit, a critical reappraisal or anything terribly profound to add; just a few musings on record shopping that are too long for a Facebook status update....

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    The Terrifying Prospect of Trump vs. Clinton

    by  • 13 Mar ’16 • 2 Comments

    There is no prospective match-up for the November presidential election that is more terrifying than Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton. The violence and “Heil Hitler” salutes practiced by his supporters make any semantic debate about whether his politics can be defined as “fascist” kinda moot. Ask yourself why he even bothered to schedule a...

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    Friedrichs Is Dead; Labor’s Crisis Is Not. The ‘Scalia Dividend’ Is a Rare Opportunity for Unions.

    by  • 16 Feb ’16 • 0 Comments

    The Friedrichs vs. CTA Supreme Court case, a nakedly partisan assassination attempt on the labor movement, has died with Justice Antonin Scalia. What cannot die with it is the sense of existential crisis within the labor movement. We need a far-reaching conversation about the pathway back to increased activism, membership and power. Like few...

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    Could a New NLRB Case Limit Bosses’ Best Anti-Union Tool, the Captive Audience Meeting?

    by  • 4 Feb ’16 • 3 Comments

    The captive audience meeting, “management’s most important weapon” in an anti-union campaign, is finally being challenged in a petition to the National Labor Relations Board that could help re-balance the scales in union representation elections. Held in all-staff, small-group or one-on-one formats, employers use these mandatory meetings to confuse and intimidate employees into voting...

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