• Shit In, Shit Out

    by  • 17 Feb ’05 • 7 Comments

    Harvard President Lawrence Summers is sunk. He’s catching a lot of hell from his faculty and students over some stupid remarks that he made, by way of explaining Harvard’s gender imbalance in the sciences, that suggested that women aren’t as good as men at math and science. The controversy hasn’t let up, and as...

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    The Music: The Movie!

    by  • 16 Feb ’05 • 0 Comments

    “Ray” is not a very good movie, but, as it is essentially a string of re-enacted musical performances, on the chitlins circuit, in the studio and in “mixed-race” concert halls, you won’t really notice until the end of the movie. When the last three minutes of the movie are narrated by on-screen captions that...

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    The End of “The Song About The Record Company”

    by  • 15 Feb ’05 • 0 Comments

    Wow. Oh, boy. Five bands on four stages. Simultaneously. How could it fail? Sunday night’s Grammy’s telecast was the second lowest rated, ever. There are many observations one could make about the Grammy’s, but why bother? Dead people win awards, the best new artist will be forgotten in ten years time, the alternative award...

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    We Built This City on Rock-n-Roll?

    by  • 13 Feb ’05 • 0 Comments

    I don’t have much sympathy for the plight of the oh-so glamorous Village and Lower East Side. This is the bitter little Holden Caufield in me winning out over the urban planning nerd and the socialist. I just feel like the invading Darwinist hordes, the yuppies, limeys and spoiled NYU students who priced out...

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    A Letter to the Editor, Re: Wal-Mart

    by  • 11 Feb ’05 • 0 Comments

    The news that the UFCW had organized a Wal-Mart store in Quebec was hailed as a real breakthrough in some quarters of the labor movement. Quebec has a card-check authorization law, which means the union merely has to present union cards that represent a majority of the workers in the bargaining unit in order...

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    Recipe: Steamed Salmon with Honey Sauce

    by  • 9 Feb ’05 • 0 Comments

    Salmon is a great fish. Cheap and plentiful if farm-raised, it doesn’t have a very strong “fishy” flavor. In fact, it’s very good at absorbing flavors, which is what makes steaming it so much fun. You can experiment with all sorts of liquids. I find that sherry gives the salmon a pleasant sweetness. I...

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    by  • 8 Feb ’05 • 0 Comments

    I don’t know when or how I became a trainspotter. I just find myself walking through the older neighborhood to my south, Richmond Hill, to clear my head and wait for the odd train to pass by. Richmond Hill was established in the late-19th century to be “country homes” for New York commuters. Eventually,...

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    Valentine’s Day Blunder

    by  • 6 Feb ’05 • 0 Comments

    Mike Bloomberg’s missing a real opportunity. On Friday, a New York State judge ruled that the state constitution, which places a much heavier emphasis on equal protection and civil rights than the United States Constitution, should be read as to allow same-sex marriage. Licenses for such same sex marriages could have been issued as...

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    Recipe: Crab-stuffed Mushrooms

    by  • 6 Feb ’05 • 0 Comments

    I had a taste of this dish at a restaurant in Washington’s Dupont Circle. I’ve ordered it at a few other restaurants, but found the quality to vary wildly (One diner in the West Village, which shall remain nameless, served up a hash of white button mushrooms and imitation crabmeat). I decided to take...

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    “Run for the shadows in these golden years…”

    by  • 4 Feb ’05 • 0 Comments

    Now begins perhaps the biggest fight long-planned by the “Republican Revolution.” With his re-election and substantial majorities in both houses of Congress, not to mention a majority of states’ governors, Bush has more clout and more power than any Republican has had since Theodore Roosevelt. Social Security pisses off free market Republicans because it...

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