• Hey, Where’s Tommy?

    by  • 3 Feb ’05 • 0 Comments

    I saw Tommy Stinson at the Mercury Lounge last Saturday. A legend at 15, Tommy was the bass player for the late, lamented Replacements. He had a couple of promising bands in the 1990’s done in by corporate indifference. He wound up, of all places, as a well compensated side-man in the new Guns-n-Roses....

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    Thinking Positively About Iraq’s Election

    by  • 2 Feb ’05 • 0 Comments

    Just before the Iraqi election, the People’s Weekly World published a refreshingly even handed editorial that suggested that there are “no simple answers for the U.S. left” when it comes to our response. Now that the election is over, many on the left will criticise the new transitional national assembly as a puppet government...

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