• A New Low in Social Media

    by  • 20 May ’12 • 0 Comments

    In my never-ending quest to figure what the hell is going on in the social media world and how we can use it to organize for a better world, I’ve been kicking around on Tumblr. I first discovered this thanks to my 17-year-old cousin, whose tumblr (I won’t link to it; you can’t make...

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    by  • 7 Feb ’12 • 0 Comments

    I flew back from New Orleans yesterday feeling a little under the weather. Ordinarily, it’s the sort of thing I would power through. But the prospect of also having to push my way through the teeming masses of Super Bowl celebrants (good game, that) just to get in the front door of my office...

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    The Reds in the Bleachers

    by  • 27 Jan ’12 • 0 Comments

    Bill Mardo, sportswriter for the Daily Worker newspaper, died last week. His NY Times obituary notes his column’s crusading role in pressing for the racial integration of Major League Baseball in the 1940’s. “In the years before the Brooklyn Dodgers signed Jackie Robinson as the first black player in modern organized baseball, Mr. Mardo...

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    Charter School Board Conundrum

    by  • 22 Jan ’12 • 0 Comments

    A conundrum that charter schools face when recruiting prestigious one percenty-types (celebrities, politicians, stockbrokers and lawyers) to serve on their governing boards is that, yes, this may open the school up to more charitable giving. But, people with outrageous fortunes sometimes came to them through outrageous means. When a school board member is hoisted...

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    NYAAF’s 10th Anniversary Celebration

    by  • 31 Dec ’11 • 0 Comments

    Since it seems my main venue of non-labor activism is charitable giving, I have signed on as a Co-Chair of the New York Abortion Access Fund‘s 10th Anniversary Celebration. This is a wonderful organization that directly addresses what may be the greatest threat to reproductive freedom today: the high cost of, and limited access...

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    Something Pointless About Generation X

    by  • 28 Sep ’11 • 0 Comments

    It’s been a while since we Gen X’ers had a good, long stare at our collective navels. The occasion of the 20th anniversary of our invention by the media is begging for more of this “are we becoming them?” kind of nonsense. Count me in! Nirvana marks this auspicious anniversary with a reissue of...

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    My Greatest Hits

    by  • 30 Oct ’10 • 0 Comments

    Maybe it’s because I was recently badly quoted in the press that I’m revisiting some of my dark sarcastic hits from the past. I mean, I could claim that I was misquoted, but, no, I said it. I could quibble with context and editing, but anyone who deals with the press seriously knows the...

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