• In Which I Ape Larry King

    by  • 2 Feb ’10 • 1 Comment

    It turns out maintaining a blog while taking on increasing responsibilities at work and trying to finish my Masters degree and trying to maintain some semblance of a personal life is a bit tricky. Plus, I think Facebook statuses suck up an alarming amount of my wit (or potential wit). But before I throw...

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    Recent Search Engine Terms That Drove Traffic to My Webpage

    by  • 13 Jan ’10 • 1 Comment

    Presented without commentary: big rats selective service letter allen sessoms gastonia strike,1929 “mary loritz” red strawberry shoelace licorice umass ula program red scare political cartoon shaun richman finska black licorice “federation of union representatives” old fashioned licorice laces not twirler cat abortificant “shaun richman” jew shaun richman aft national staff

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    A Requiem for Departed Comrades

    by  • 12 Dec ’09 • 1 Comment

    Socialism truly is a dying religion. Tonight, I’m lighting some red candles for some wonderful comrades who have passed on this year. Yesterday, I learned that Ruth Greenberg-Edelstein passed away on November 24th. Ruth was a stalwart of the Socialist Party in upstate New York. On the National Committee, she was an effective advocate...

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    In Which I Grumble About Pop Culture

    by  • 28 Nov ’09 • 0 Comments

    When, exactly, did the celebrity-obsessed tabloid press switch over to first-name-basis reportage? Celebrities used to have full names, not that long ago in fact. Sure, there was the occasional Cher or Oprah, but they were the exceptions to prove the rule. Or perhaps they were the pioneers that got the tabloids asking “why take...

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    Play The Legend

    by  • 15 Oct ’09 • 0 Comments

    Can rock music ever go back to the days of “headphone records,” gatefold albums, mysterious liner notes and fans creating their own image of the band in their minds? Music video did much to kill the radio star, by presenting a carefully screened image for mass consumption…but Ed Sullivan started it all rolling downhill...

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    “Do you feel like a story…?”

    by  • 2 Oct ’09 • 0 Comments

    If you can find the full, ten-minute clip on your favorite internet video-sharing service, David Letterman’s blackmail confession was brilliant, riveting and hysterical. It was almost a throwback to his nervy, early days on “Late Night.” If only the blackmailer had been revealed to be Andy Kaufman.

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    We Memoir Econo

    by  • 27 Sep ’09 • 0 Comments

    Michael Azerrad’s excellent collection of 13 micro-biogrophies of beloved 80’s indie bands is a love letter to the era when pop culture began to fragment into mini-mass media of fanzines, underground rock clubs and vanity record labels. Cribbed from a Minutemen lyrics, Azerrad’s book, “Our Band Could Be Your Life” fleshes out the notion...

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    Good Write-Up in the Nerd Press

    by  • 4 Sep ’09 • 0 Comments

    I rarely write directly about work on this blarg, but some of this year’s big adventures got a nice write-up from Beryl Benderly at Science Magazine. Relevant excerpts follows: On 20 July, the postdocs at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, received official recognition for their new union. It’s the nation’s third postdoc...

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    Not Enough To Count

    by  • 3 Sep ’09 • 0 Comments

    I’m coming up on a year in Bay Ridge, which perhaps makes me a “regular.” It’s enough time, apparently, to make friends with the Chinese merchants on 4th Avenue, who seem to really want me to be Jewish. I suppose having Jews around is good business for dry cleaners and Chinese take-out. I made...

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    Alas Poor Busky. I Knew Him, Facebook.

    by  • 26 Jul ’09 • 4 Comments

    It’s been previously noted the unnatural oddness that is leaving behind a virtual representation of oneself on the myface. As this shit gets more mainstream, the awkwardness gets more familiar and yet more surreal. In the Times, Adam Cohen writes of a friend’s Facebook profile becoming a sort of living shrine to a dead-too-soon...

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    Questionable Civic Boosterism

    by  • 19 Jul ’09 • 0 Comments

    In the wake of a fire that disabled the Throgs Neck Bridge, Long Island and state officials are contemplating construction of a new L.I. Sound crossing. This would be a 16-mile tunnel connecting Oyster Bay in Long Island to Rye, NY, the home of summer camps and amusement parks in Westchester County. The Cross-Sound...

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